Relationship Building Using List Management Services

Are You Using a List Management Systems/ Tools to build a relationship with your customers?

Talking to a multitude of small Businesses Offline and Online – I find it so surprising that over 75% of Business still do not have any form of list management in place – no autoresponder, no way of emailing their existing clients. In fact over 80% did not even have any way of capturing their customers names and email addresses!

Then you wonder why so many local businesses go out of business within 2 years!.

Just simply adding these 3 things to your business will make a substantial difference to not just your bottom line, but in fact your customer retention which in effect will add to your bottom line anyway.

1). Add a Customer Name and Email address capture form on your website. Add a bribe of some sort – a valid coupon discount or a free report if necessary.

2). Set up an autoresponder that send sour a regular newsletter, keeping in touch with your existing customers and also making any new customers feel welcome. Send them great information about other services you offer, and content that will help them in their lifestyle.

3). When times are a little quite – plan a promotion in advance and send out your email – with a discount coupon on those days. You will be very surprised at to how easy it to get those customers to come back more often!

More info to come……


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