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Hello and a personal Welcome to The TopBiz Group Membership – and Home Of The IMM Magazine for Local Business Marketing.

I wanted congratulate you on your decision to become a member and I sincerely hope you get the maximum benefit out of the membership and we hope to serve you for hopefully a long time to come.

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You should be receiveing an email from us With Your Membership Login URL – Username & Password To Login PLUS

Another Email From Our Database manager – ( Getresponse) You Need to Click the Link In The Email  For Confirmation To receive Important  Updates From us

If you have paid through JVZOO Portal – You will also receive an Email From JVZOO with your confirmation details
Please be a little patient as sometimes emails take a little time to get through
If you do not receive your Login and Passwords –

1) Go To the Login Page and Click On Forgot Password
2) Check Your Email
3) Ensure you Check Your Spam / Bulk Folders –
4) If you use GMAIL – Check The “Promotions” Tab and Move Our Email to The “PRIMARY” tab so that you do not miss out on updates

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thanks again


Hamant Keval

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