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Have Your Own Business Video In Your Business Niche Without The Usual Huge Expense of Having them Created For You

At A Massive Discount?
Unbranded –
For Use On Your Own Websites only 

As You are probably aware Video Sells and Sells Huge. Video Engages your visitor to phone you or contact you, especially when they see a well made Video that tells them about your business.
Ranking Video for your search terms is much easier than traditional search terms.

Our Ready Made Video Collections – To Help You Promote Your Business Are professionally made in US or UK Voice Overs. You can choose Your preference when you place your order.

If you are not at all convinced with what a really good video will do for your business then this offer is not for you, but if you change your mind then this offer price will not be available outside this page. The Videos will still be available on our sister site at a much higher price point ( our normal price – still a fraction of the designer videos available on the internet)

Example Video ( WaterMark will be Removed)



You can take a look at ready Made Videos below and Order whichever suits Your Needs – No Branding / Personalising
Make sure you check Licencing Details – Below


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  • Video Sells and Converts 60% better than any other media
  • You Can Have instant exposure to your services with a visual model
  • Upload it to Youtube and have instant access to Thousands of Buyers
  • Video with Local search terms is infinitely faster to rank in the search engines as well as You Tube


Have you tried to get a quote for a Professional Video for your Business? Prices usually vary from $1000 to $$2000 per minute.
But if you take action right now, you can get it at a Huge Discount.

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  • Yes – You can embed the Video on Your Own Website
  • No – Upload it to Multiple Video Hosting Sites for additional Prospect generation
  • No – Upload To You Tube
  • Yes – Create a Video Opt In lead generation page in addition to your main website


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This Pricing is only available for Top Biz Group Members – Usual Price is much Higher Normally

The Videos Below Can Be Ready To Go! 
Unbranded Business Videos For You At A Huge Discount?

Make sure you read the instructions at the bottom of the page.

New Business Niches Continually being Added – Come back and check if we do not have your business video available. Please send feedback if we do not have your video at the present time and we will endeavour to have them made for you.

Click on The Business Niche below To See What Videos We have on Offer – 1) Click On The Niche Title – 2) Click In The Middle of The Thumbnail To Watch The Sample Video – 3) Make a Note Of The Number and Title You Wish To Order For The Order Page  4) Pay  5).  After Payment you will be taken to Our Dedicated Customer Order Centre – where you will submit your Details and access Your Own Account.  Click On Order Buttons below

You will then be taken to our Group’s Customer Service Portal where you can submit your Personal Business Details For Your Video under Your Own account – where you will also be able to access your Downloads when Your Video is Ready.

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 You Will receive a message through The Customer Service Portal with Details of Your Order.

If You need any further assistance – please let us know  through our Help Desk – we will be glad to help

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Buy UN Branded Video

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[guarantee style=”TE” gtysize=”large”]Submit My Un Branded Video Order Of My Local Business Niche For Use On My Own Websites Only
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Top Biz Group Members Personalised Un-Branded Videos For Business



Licence Terms For All Videos including  Branded Videos

[NO] Cannot be sold or given away
[NO] Cannot be sold or given away to other online or offline marketers or Business
[NO] Cannot be sold or given away with resale, master resale, or private label rights.
[YES] Can be used On any of Your Own Websites

[NO] UnBranded Videos Cannot Be Used On Any of Your Advertising Channels – You Tube, Vimeo ,

Once You Have Paid For Your order – You will be Taken To Our Special Customers Order Center To Create Your Account and where you will be able to submit all your branding/ personal details to us. Thanks

No Thanks – Just Take Me To My Membership Access


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