How to Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Pinterest as a MArketing Tool

How to Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool


Pinterest is the “new kid on the block,” in the world of social media. In the past few months, there has been a lot of buzz around this very unique social media site that is based on visual images. It’s a powerful tool for business once they understand how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool.

There are a number of ways you can use it as a marketing tool. One of the easiest things you can do with Pinterest is learn to understand the needs and interests of your customers by viewing the pin boards of your customers. It’s quick and easy to do and it can tell you so much.

There’s another way to use Pinterest to determine the interests of potential customers, and that is to look at a specific Pinterest category and look at what potential customers are interested in. If you are thinking about adding a new product this can help you decide if there is even any interest for that particular product. If you are considering adding a new product but aren’t sure what that might be, then this can give you some potential ideas.

You might want to invest in an integrated marketing software program that will track which traffic gets to your site through Pinterest. It will also follow them via the buying cycle. This will allow you to spot behavior trends, and how you can nurture those leads to increase the likelihood of success. With this type of information, you can email your new leads and send them into your sales funnel, using a custom message you design that will make you stand out as a leader in your industry.

Pinterest is new and only a handful of businesses are taking advantage of it. This is your opportunity to get ahead of your competition. You have the opportunity to make your business the go-to Pinterest account for pins on a particular topic in your industry.

For example, if your business is about internet marketing then you could create a pin board that displayed top-notch visual examples of some of the best online marketing. Let’s look at another example. Let’s say you sell wool. You could create a pin board that features some wool creations. You might even invite your customers to post what they’ve made.

Pinterest can become a powerful marketing tool once you learn how to use it to its fullest capacity. It’s new, it’s in its infancy, and it’s a perfect opportunity to jump ahead of your competition.


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