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Hamant KevalWe are a team of professionals in marketing online with this membership site that helps local business empower themselves and gain an advantage in this ever fast moving environment of marketing online.
We developed this membership so that local business can take the courses in small manageable chunks and learn how to utilise many of the tools available on the internet to increase their business and keep those customers coming for years to come.

Today, more so than any other time in the history of commerce, there is available a multitude of channels of advertising free and paid that local business can use very effectively.  The problem remains that the information is fast moving, markets and channels are evolving and local business owners have always been in undated wearing many “hats” in running their businesses, that causes an information overload, and effectively not utilising the many channels available to them.
There is always a learning curve in any endeavour and does take a little time taken out regularly in maintaining your business knowledge in marketing, after all – without the marketing, businesses will eventually fail. BUT.. that does not mean you cannot perform and use these channels effectively , with some marketing information.

Many of the topics we cover in the Membership may seem “new” and yet they are easy to follow systems and channels – and can be immensely fruitful.
We cover Most of the larger Social media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In,  and in addition cover a multitude of the evergreen ways of attracting new customers and communicating with them through email marketing etc.  plus  many newer marketing channels that are overtaking traditional  marketing like Video Marketing.
In my 30 years of running business offline and online, I see to this day, local businesses who have almost no online presence, some have no clue of email marketing, database of prospects or past customers.

In our monthly membership we have our IMM Magazine produced Monthly as well as white papers, reports and Video Tutorials that cover basic and advanced marketing and how a business can take hold of the reins of the marketing of their business and take it to the next level.

If you are a Local Business of any kind I am sure we can help you with your marketing online and off.
Come and Join Us –

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Hamant Keval


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